Pata Hamonado with succulent pork and a sweet and flavorful pineapple sauce. Present with steamed rice for a definitive solace nourishment!



I initially distributed this pata hamonado in 2014, and I am refreshing it today with new photographs and tips. On the off chance that you incline toward pork midsection rather than pork leg, look at this pork hamonado adaptation. The methodology is the equivalent; the main change would be the cook time as we’re utilizing an alternate cut of meat.

What is Hamonado

Hamonado alludes to a sort of Filipino cooking where meat is marinated or cooked with pineapple. Greasy cuts of pork, chicken or hamburger are first singed in hot oil until gently sautéed and afterward braised in pineapple squeeze alongside soy sauce, darker sugar, and aromatics, for example, onions, garlic, and peppercorns to adjust flavors.

Other local adaptations of the dish may likewise incorporate tomato sauce, banana ketchup, raisins, carrots, as well as sausages.



Tips on How to Make Pata Hamonado

While you can utilize entire pork leg, I recommend cutting the meat into around 2-inch thickness to accelerate cooking time.

Require the additional exertion of searing the pork. Singing over high warmth caramelizes the outside of the meat and includes staggering flavor.

Cook low and delayed to enable the fat to render and the extreme, connective tissues to mollify to dissolve in-your-mouth delicacy.

As the fluid in the can is what’s utilized to braise the meat, ensure the pineapples are stuffed in juice and not substantial syrup which is excessively sweet and comes up short on the harsh notes expected to adjust the sweet and salty flavors.

Include around 1/4 cup of apple juice vinegar to support the tartness of the pineapple juice; let bubble revealed and without blending to relax the corrosive taste.

Ideally utilize dark colored sugar, and not white, as it has a marginally less focused sweetness and contains molasses which will upgrade the rich kind of the hamonado sauce.



Try this hamonado formula out for supper today around evening time. I let it be known’s not actually abdomen benevolent what with its thick tops of pork skin and fat however I need to state, that rich sweet, tart, and exquisite sauce alone sprinkled on sizzling steamed rice merits the fat jeans!

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