Small scale Egg Pies with rich custard filling and an overly rich outside layer are a definitive bite or pastry. In a convenient smaller than usual size, they are enjoyable to make as they are to eat and make an extraordinary gathering or in a hurry sweet treat.

Before there was Kawaling Pinoy, my long-term dream was to have my own café or cooking administrations. Many occasions throughout the years I thought of stopping my all day occupation and taking the hazardous dive ordinarily previously, however the possibility of hopping into the water with the two feet was overwhelming particularly with a needy kid still in school.

Everything I could do was make little strides and see where they brought me. I reached a couple of eateries and Asian grocery stores in our general vicinity to offer my smaller than normal egg pies, leche flan, and cassava cake on a relegation premise and had a companion plan a bundling name on Photoshop for my items.

I’d get back home from work late toward the evening, heat my treats till day break and convey them the following day before I got down to business once more. It was a debilitating one-individual show yet an energizing undertaking.

On the off chance that you happened to be at a specific Asian store in Carson, California mid-October of 2010 and saw a suspicious-looking lady taking photos of their fridge, that would have been me. As you see from the photograph beneath, just one remaining out of the 40 packs I got. It was so strange to see something I prepared quite the racks available to be purchased!



Lamentably, following a time of working it out, I needed to acknowledge it was everything except unrealistic reasoning. In spite of the fact that the endeavor was fruitful all alone merits, it was too little scaled to warrant enlisting another pair of hands to help or to surrender my business to concentrate on it a hundred percent.

Be that as it may, regardless of whether I don’t sell these smaller than expected egg pies any longer, I still normally make them for potlucks or social events. Advantageously scaled down and with an outside layer so fresh and flaky and a custard filling so smooth and smooth, they are constantly a group top choice! Try them out and let me know in the remarks beneath on the off chance that I could have been the following Sara Lee in the event that I clutched the fantasy somewhat more.



The way to rich, flaky outside layers is beginning with VERY cool fixings. I suggest solidifying the margarine 3D squares and cooling the flour for a couple of minutes to keep up cool temperatures.

For a delicate outside layer, use super cold water and include simply enough sum for the batter to hold together. The mixture ought not be clingy yet shaggy and feel practically dry to the touch.

Chill the batter for in any event 30 minutes in the cooler before turning out, particularly during sweltering climate. Work rapidly while rolling and coating the biscuit dish so the mixture doesn’t warmth up. In the event that it starts to mollify, tear separated or stick on the work surface, come back to icebox to chill for around 5 minutes

Handle mixture tenderly and don’t over control to avoid gluten arrangement.

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